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In the United States we comprise about 6% of the world’s population and consume ~30% of the global resources.


Inexpensive and Easily Accessible

Abundant energy has been vital to our economic growth for nearly a century

If today’s burgeoning middle classes in China and India (each with a middle class population equivalent to all of the US) were to consume the same amount as we do, that would be 90% of global resources between the three countries. This obviously is not a sustainable trend, economically or environmentally. 

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The sun provides us with enough energy in one hour than the whole world consumes in one year!

NovaSol Energy is focused on developing energy generation assets solely based on renewable resources. We are technology agnostic with respect to what we use for energy production. Our primary technology of choice is crystalline photovoltaics. It is a highly reliable and long-lasting technology, with many photovoltaic panels having life cycles exceeding 35-40 years!

Learn how to make solar work for you!

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