4-Story Parking Garage

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The Brief

By employing NovaSol Energy’s services to develop and operate a clean solar power plant for its campus, a Central Florida college was furthering its sustainability mission and providing leadership in renewable energy, in the State of Florida, with a significant sized solar energy facility. At the time, this proposed facility would have been the 8th or 9th largest non-utility owned solar generation facility in Florida. NovaSol Energy had completed the design and engineering for a 1MW solar energy facility to be constructed on top of the 4 story parking garage, with half a dozen electric vehicle (EV) charging stations inside.

Solar-covered parking, whether it be in a parking lot or parking garage, is a welcome feature by patrons during the scorching Florida summers. Not only does it provide shade for the patrons, but also keeps the parked vehicles cooler, thereby requiring less energy to cool them.

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