Goodwill Industries - Waterford

Orlando, Florida
System Size:
153.7 kW
14,000 sq ft Modules
Annual Production:
230 MW hours
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The Brief

NovaSol Energy provided turn-key development services for a 153.7 kW solar PV system to Goodwill Industries of Central Florida, Inc.

Goodwill had been in discussions with other developers but approached NovaSol Energy to provide a solar energy system to meet a tight timeframe and budget. The system proposed by NovaSol’s development group maximized the available real estate at the host location for optimal long-term energy economics. It consisted of 18% more capacity, improved layout, and approximately 40% more annual energy output than proposals by other developers. High efficiency Suniva solar panels along with the SolarEdge inverters and panel optimizer architecture provide for maximum energy harvesting and efficient long-term O&M. Approximately 14,000 square feet of the 21,000 rooftop space was utilized to host the system. This project was unique to the Orange County area as it required no roof penetrations in meeting with the increased wind speed demands. It is expected to generate enough energy equivalent to what is annually consumed in 16 average Floridians’ homes.

Project Image
Project Image

The 153.7 kW project takes Goodwill’s commitment of reinvesting local community resources back into the community by providing job training and placement opportunities to the next level. By investing in the abundant local energy source, solar, Goodwill will be able to provide additional opportunities and services to many more people over the long-term. The solar system is expected to have a 6 year payback, after which the system will provide 75%+ of the location's annual energy needs for free ($25-$30k value) for nearly two decades.

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