City Beverages

Orlando, Florida
System Size:
2 MW
180,000 sq ft Modules
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The Brief

Sustainability is at the core of City Beverages, the central Florida Anheiser Busch distributor.

City Beverages is leading by example, and has invested in one of the largest solar rooftops in the Orlando area with a 2MW capacity. Additionally, City Beverages has installed 10 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to promote sustainability with its employees. The EV stations are provided free for employee use, encouraging their next vehicle purchase to be electric. City Beverages required only 1.65MW of solar for their annual electricity needs but decided to invest in a larger system to plan for the facility's future growth as well as the upcoming electrification of their fleet. Until their demand increases, City Beverages will be incurring a substantial net generation credit with Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) that can be used towards their water/wastewater service.

Project Image
Project Image
  • Consists of 4,446 - 450 Watt bifacial solar panels - bifacial panels increase production about 10% over traditional systems
  • System is completely ballasted, non-penetrating
  • System is projected to generate approximately 2,880,000 kWh in the first full year of production. That is equivalent to the consumption of ~200 average Florida households
  • City Beverages needed only 1.65MW of solar to offset their previous annual consumption. Built 2.0 MW to accommodate for future growth of EV fleet, and growth of the company

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