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Rollins College


Sustainability is not a recent initiative being undertaken at Rollins College, it has been part of the college’s mission statement for decades. By employing NovaSol Energy’s services to develop and operate a clean solar power plant for the campus, Rollins is furthering its sustainability mission and providing leadership in renewable energy in the State of Florida with a significant sized solar energy facility.

NovaSol Energy will develop and operate the solar power facility freeing Rollins College from the up-front costs and risk of owning and operating the solar facility. Rollins will lease the solar facility equipment, at fixed costs for twenty years, to supplement the energy used on campus and hedge against future energy price increases. The facility will be located on the fourth floor of Rollins College’s existing parking garage.

NovaSol has contracted with a local steel fabricator to develop the overhead super-structure on the top deck of the parking facility. NovaSol’s development team, QED, will install the solar panels and provide interconnection service. This facility will utilize over 3,180 solar panels, producing between 17-19% of Rollins College’s peak demand, and provide shaded parking for the patrons on the top deck of the parking facility.

NovaSol will also be providing four electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to be installed at EV reserved parking spaces designated by Rollins College at the garage and on campus.

The Rollins parking garage is located in the downtown business district of Winter Park, just off of historic Park Avenue. In addition to providing off-campus parking for Rollins College students, the garage also serves the patrons of the adjacent SunTrust Plaza, a mixed-use retail and Class A office complex. Park Avenue is home to numerous seasonal and art festivals throughout the year, making the facility an ideal location to maximize awareness of Rollins’s sustainability initiatives. This facility will be the first solar installation in the City of Winter Park.

Rollins is providing leadership in renewable energy for the community with their Solar Facility and first EV charging stations at the garage. The charging stations will be part of a nationwide network of EV stations which will also have smart-grid functionality for the local utility to manage peak-demand.