We receive more energy from the Sun in 1 hour

than we consume in 1 Year globally

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Harvest Solar Energy

with Solar Farms!

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Make solar work for you

Add value to your existing assets

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Reduce Your Energy Costs

With Your On-Site Solar Power System!

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NovaSol Energy is an independent renewable energy company committed to providing clean and affordable renewable energy solutions for large-scale commercial and utility customers. NovaSol Energy’s comprehensive suite of services include consulting services, system design/engineering, turn-key project development, financing (third-party ownership), and plant operations and maintenance.

The company is in the early stages of developing a smart-grid technology solution (communications and control system) that is in stealth development. The eventual intended application for our ‘smart-grid’ technology solution is game changing and was dubbed as ‘the holy grail’ by a former utility executive. We are focused on being THE leading next generation independent renewable energy company.

Our Team

NovaSol Energy was started by individuals who are passionate about finding solutions for a sustainable future. The NovaSol Energy management and governing members consist of individuals from the high tech, financial, real estate, utility, environmental, and non-profit sectors. Our core management and advisory teams have an experienced and accomplished history with over 70 years of combined utility and 40 years of combined solar experience. Some of our team members have worked at the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC). Our VP of Utility Operations & Special Projects was a former FPL President (second largest utility in the US) and responsible for the development and maintenance oversight of 160 MW SEGS (2 - 80 MW facilities 8 & 9) still operational today at Harper Lake, CA. The NovaSol Energy team has experience managing over 900MW (valued at over $3 Billion) of conventional fossil fuel and renewable generation assets, of which over 200 MW have been solar projects (CSP and PV). They have consulted for major utilities, and some projects and programs for the DOE and the DOD.

Our Focus

We understand one of the biggest obstacles clients face in implementing solar energy solutions is the up-front costs.  Our core focus is on providing a solution to this obstacle by removing the up-front costs and developing, owning, and operating solar energy generation facilities at customer locations through either a long-term lease of the facility, or energy sales via a PPA.  NovaSol Energy has relationships and partnerships with numerous private investors with access to over $2 Billion in long-term project financing for qualifying projects, freeing up our clients from the burden of up-front costs.

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Contact us today to see how we can help make solar energy a reality for your organization!

An increasing number of organizations and governments are realizing the benefits of implementing renewable energy solutions.  One of the most economically viable, globally abundant, and long-term reliable renewable resource is solar energy. 

Solar energy is virtually infinite and an important solution for an economically and environmentally sustainable future.  Solar offers immediate and long-term benefits such as predictable pricing that is lower than retail energy rates in most markets, while providing a long-term hedge against rising energy costs and energy market volatility. 

NovaSol Energy is a leading independent renewable energy producer committed to providing clean and affordable solar energy solutions for large-scale commercial and utility customers.  NovaSol offers a comprehensive suite of services ranging from policy and project consultations, design/engineering, turn-key development services, operations & maintenance, energy efficiency, financing, and project investment opportunities.

Contact us today to see how we can customize a solution to meet Your organization's goals!



Due to our broad experience in the energy industry, we provide a wide array of consultation services ranging from energy policy, project negotiations and structure, project partnerships, and independent evaluations of our customer’s projects. 


System Design/Engineering

A project's success starts from the initial design/engineering phase.  Our design/engineering services help our customers get started right who wish to develop their own projects, leveraging our experience for optimal production and maximizing the value of their investment.


Project Development

Our turn-key solar energy solutions allow for integrating solar into your existing energy portfolio in a hassle-free, risk-free, and economical manner.  We have the resources to develop your project on-time and, most importantly, on budget.  Our repeat business from existing customers is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing the optimal solution for our customer’s goals and exceeding their expectations.


O&M Services

Our focus is not limited to just developing the best solar energy systems.  We go beyond developing renewable energy to ensure the producing energy asset is operating at its optimal capacity, providing the maximum value to our customer.

We can provide real-time production and plant monitoring of our customer’s commercial or utility solar energy system with NovaSol’s operations and maintenance agreements.  The combination of our proactive monitoring and service crews ensures reduced downtime and optimal production of your solar energy asset.  Our O&M agreements are performance-based.  Protect and maximize your investment risk-free!



With our SPPAs or SALAs, your organization can go solar and improve its environmental footprint AND its energy economics without any up-front expense! Our customers realize savings on their energy expenses from the first six months of production.  The savings only increase over time as conventional utility rates increase. 

We also provide project investment opportunities for the responsible investor at competetive returns.


Energy Savings

Energy efficiency investments are THE most economical option you can make to generate the most immediate and fastest return on your investment.  In addition to providing optimal energy production energy services, we can also analyze your assets to reduce and limit energy waste, saving you money on energy expenses.  NovaSol Energy is furthering our commitment to a sustainable energy future with our energy efficiency services.

In the United States we comprise about 6% of the world’s population and consume ~30% of the global resources. Inexpensive and easy access to abundant energy has been vital to our economic growth for nearly a century. If today’s burgeoning middle classes in China and India (each with a middle class population equivalent to all of the US) were to consume the same amount as we do, that would be 90% of global resources between the three countries. This obviously is not a sustainable trend, economically or environmentally. Global population is projected to increase to over 9.3 Billion people by 2030, up from over 7 Billion today. Energy demand in Florida (the SunShine State) alone is expected to increase 76% by 2030, twice the national rate. Current energy demand is satisfied primarily by fossil fuels, which take millions of years to form a finite polluting resource. With increasing population growth trends and rising global energy demand, the finite supplies will increase in costs as demand increases. We need solutions of a diverse energy portfolio today in order to avert salvaging an economic and environmental crisis tomorrow.

The sun provides us with enough energy in one hour than the whole world consumes in one year!  NovaSol Energy is focused on developing energy generation assets solely based on renewable resources. We are technology agnostic with respect to what we use for energy production. Our primary technology of choice is crystalline photovoltaics. It is a highly reliable and long-lasting technology, with many photovoltaic panels having life cycles exceeding 35-40 years!

Our developing IPP solar generation portfolio offers socially conscious and responsible investors with compelling investment options.  The investment portfolios are backed by long-term contracts with BBB+ or higher investment-grade institutions, or government agencies.  The combination of low risk and predictable revenue streams provide for competitive investment returns.  Investment opportunities are currently available to accredited investors.